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Wood Solutions International is a wood importer based in The Hague

The Netherlands, with a production company, Margadant Wood cc, based in South Africa. We are specialized in FSC® certified round and sawn Eucalyptus wood for the Water Works Industry FSC® C016391. (Maritime applications, such as jetties in harbours, mooring poles, embankment protection)

All wood and wood products delivered by Wood Solutions, come from sustainable plantations in South Africa. Wood Solutions supplies the stockholding Wholesalers in Holland, who distribute to the contractors in the Waterworks Industry. This industry is regulated and directed by the Department of Water Affairs, Municipalities, Harbour authorities and local authorities who are involved in maintaining all waterways. Next to the maritime applications there are numerous other exterior application possibilities, such as wave breakers in the sea, in outdoor play objects, zoos etc.

General Governments policy is to apply wood from sustainable sources and no chemical treatments are allowed, hence the wood needs to have high natural durability.